Web sites created by my friends from Join2Day Institute

Here are the web sites in English only. Full version, including Russian language site available on Anna Levinson web site.

ABC Knitting Patterns. Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns - This website is dedicated to the art of knitting and crochet. On our pages, you will find knitting and crochet patterns - all of them absolutely free. We also have free knitting lessons and tutorials, as well as pictures of finished works and project ideas.
Best Cruise Vacation - Best Cruise Vacation can send you almost anywhere in the world. You can�t be everywhere at once, no matter how hard you try, how fast you move, how wired or wireless you are, or what energy supplement you take.
Amazing Dolls Gallery - Amazing Dolls Collections by some of the most famous doll artists. It is our pleasure to represent you with hundred types of collectible dolls from the experts, their artworks all over the world.
All Depression Treatment - team of mental health professionals, experienced in both traditional and complimentary medicine. Our goal is to provide the people in need with necessary information and help them make the right choice regarding treatment.
101 Drinks. Free Drink Recipes. The Hottest Drinks and Beverages for your Party!
About Amazing Diamonds - Complete guide to diamonds. How to select a diamond. Production of diamonds. History of diamonds.
Music Video Productions. Anokis Productions is a full video production service that offers all digital audio recording and video production capabilities under one roof. - Online Center of Free Fish & Seafood Recipes - Food network recipes. A collection of free recipes and preparation tips for fish and seafood. Easy browsing, searchable database, cooking tips, fish guide.
LASIK eye surgery. Eyes diseases, complications - one of the newest procedures to correct vision problems. LASIK is not for everyone? Get more info regarding eye surgeries, diseases, complications.
Velform sauna belt - amazing weight loss belt - Get more information on sauna belt. Velform sauna belt offers many of the benefits of the traditional sauna, but has one big advantage... The sauna belt is an alternate way to help you lose weight.
Humorous Funny T-shirts & Unique Gifts For All Occasions - Humorous funny t-shirts and personalized unique gifts for unique Mom, Dad, kids and best friends. Adding a name - for free.
Backyard waterfall and its feauters - Parameters of backyard waterfall, Designing of backyard waterfall, Lighting of backyard waterfall, Selecting a site for backyard waterfall. Liners, Pumps, Filters, Pipes, Fittings, Valves for backyard waterfall. Electric power, Dealing with contractors.
AD Logo Mosaic - Pay. Place. Play. Place your ad/logo and have fun. - Logo placement and advertisement to increase traffic to your site and multiply your business. Fun mosaic games and puzzles: play with company's logos, break them up and take them apart.
Art Print Designs.Store - Collection of contemporary designs for commercial and individual customers. Artwork for fashion fabrics, gift wraps, greeting cards, illustrations and packaging materials. Designs for wallpaper, textile fabrics, rugs and carpets. Graphic imagery and original artwork posters.
All Easy Recipes. The easiest way to find the best cooking recipes - Thousands of delicious cooking recipes with quick and easy browsing. Your source of easy recipes. All for home cooking. Submit your recipe.
All Internet News. Articles - Center for all Internet-related news. Articles, e-commerce, weblogs, chats, forums. Online education, shopping, gambling, banking, internet telephony, science, wireless, e-mail.
Anne's Recipes - Online recipe and cooking center. Easy to browse collection of recipes that is constantly being enlarged. Advanced recipe search. Recipe submissions accepted.
Valeria Levinson, CEC-Certified ecommerce consultant - Internet business and marketing education, training consulting. Ecommerce news. Web promotion and solutions for small business. Online stores and auctions.
Scale Ship Models - Tall ship model, model sailing ship and model plan ship catalog. Wooden and plastic model ship building.
Olga's Gallery - Online Art Museum. One of the largest online painting museums. New exhibits weekly. Biographies and main works of famous artists. Excellent quality of reproductions. Historical comments.
Advanced Embroidery Designs - Online center for machine embroidery designs. On this site you can find machine embroidery designs in the most popular formats, with a new free machine embroidery design each month. Free embroidery projects, tips and tutorials are also available.
All Elementary Mathematics - Online Mathematical School where you can study without leaving your home. Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, functions and graphs, analysis. Theory and solving problems. Versions of examination tests. Online consulting. Preparatory to universities and colleges.
All Holy Land Wines - a unique on-line store where you can buy kosher wine made in the Holy Land.
Valery's Worlds 3d and 2d Images Art Gallery. Original Artworks and Art Directory. Take a trip to the magical worlds of fairy tales, exquisite fantasies, science-fiction and artistic eroticism mixed with  mythology. Virtual Art Gallery of imaginative computer generated artworks where past and future meet to create a dream.
Russian Avant Garde Gallery. Russian Art of the first half of the 20th century. Russian Avant Garde from High Art, through Socialist Realism, to Official Art.
Painting - Liliya Pavlova artist from Vitebsk - landscape, still-life, portrait, flowers. Chagall, Malevich, Lissitzky; UNOVIS, suprematism. Art Lessons, shop, gallery, forum. Biographies and main works of famous artists.
Beauty and Health Club - all for woman's health and beauty. Women club. Body and hair care, beautiful face and figure, advice of the cosmetician, stylist, psychologist and astrologist. Diets and advice on weight reduction. Gossips, Hollywood stars, hobby, hand Embroidery, knotting, productive leisure.
"Wild Horse". Native American Art & History. Online store. - History of Native people of America - American Indians, their culture and art. On-line store whith a collection of Bows, Quivers & Arrows, Spears, Peace Pipes , Kachinas, Dream Catchers, Native American Teas and much more...
Catholic Gifts from the Holy Land - hand carved by Holy Land artisans - ideal religious gifts: Christmas scenes/ornaments, Easter Gifts, wines... send religious e-cards to your beloved...

משלוחי פרחים - Flowers delivery in Israel.